How To Add A YouTube Video To Your WordPress Blog

Step 1

Go to the page of the YouTube video you want to put into your blog.


Click SHARE.


Click EMBED.


There a few options you need to consider at this point.


  1. What size video will work best within the layout of your blog post?
    Here’s a preview of the standard YouTube video size options otherwise you can choose a custom size like I have to. If you choose a custom size, make sure you scale the size proportionately – ie. you need to change the width and height at the same percentage. I chose a ‘Custom size’ of 500 x 281 for my blog post.Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.12.48 AM
  2. Do you want YouTube to suggest videos, within your blog post, once your video finishes?
    If not, untick the ‘Show suggested videos when the video finishes’ box.

Copy code.



Step 2

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and either create a new post or go to the post you want to add the YouTube video to.


Click on the Text window tab.


Paste code into the text window.


Click Publish.


I would suggest going to your blog post and checking that the YouTube video views correctly. Otherwise you’re all done!

If you missed it in the steps above, here’s a preview of the standard YouTube video size options.