So you have an email database … now what?!

So to follow on from the last post, now that you have a database setup, how do you build your database? What do you do with that list of potential and existing customers?

How to build your email database?

  1. Tell people about your email newsletter or database. Add a link to the bottom of your email signature, add a signup box to your website home page and sidebar, add a ‘signup’ tab to your business Facebook page …
  2. Encourage people to signup by giving them something for FREE. By this I mean giving away high quality content or information through an online download or ebook. Give your potential customers content that’s worth signing up for.

How to use your email database?

  1. Email high quality content and information. Think of all the emails you get each day and how much of it is people trying to sell you something. I’m sure you hit DELETE instantly! People want relevant and exciting content so make sure you think of your audience and tailor your content to what they would want to read.
  2. Be regular and consistent with your contact. I have been VERY slack with this in the past but consistency is key. Be mindful to not over-commit yourself. What’s achievable with your workload? Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly …
  3. Engage your database. You could ask a question about the theme of your email or add a survey using Customer Thermometer. Remember that people ‘don’t have time’ for lengthy replies so make it quick and easy for people to respond.
    My biggest suggestion when communicating with your database is to remember WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? – and don’t SELL. Think like your customer. They want to benefit from being on your list!

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If you need help with building your list or coming up with content ideas, feel free to contact me.

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