Helpful Stuff

Helpful Stuff for WordPress Websites

A Really Easy Guide to Wordpress
If you’re new to WordPress, this really easy users guide to WordPress is a great place to start.

Beginner’s Guide for WordPress
Once you’ve had a play around and have built up your confidence using WordPress, this beginners guide blog might be helpful for extra tips and tricks.

Start Using Your Website
Now that you have your website up and running, make sure you keep it up to date by adding new content as often as you can. Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

How to Add YouTube Videos to Your Blog or Website
YouTube is a great social media tool! You can create your own YouTube channel and also embed your chosen videos into your website.

Helpful Stuff for WordPress Ecommerce Websites

How to use your Online Shop
Learn how to use your Woocommerce dashboard.

Payment Options for an Online Shopping Website
There’s so much to consider and plan for when creating an online store. One of the most important is how you accept payments.

Generally Helpful Stuff

Where to get imagery for your project
The quality of images on your brochure or website reflect the quality of business you do for your customers. Here are some tips and links for getting great quality images and photos.

Recommended Photographers