ISS Re-branding

Integrated Security Services Ltd (ISS) were referred to me by Bryce from Leck Electrical.

ISS were in the process of purchasing new company vehicles and decided it was time to ‘freshen up’ the company logo. They were using various forms of the logo, which were developments over the years, but the company lacked consistency across all their marketing platforms. These are the variations of the logo that the company was using …


When ISS contacted me they wanted to see ideas that simplified the logo to just using ISS and the phone number. This logo was going to be used for stickers that are placed on premises they monitor, on the company vehicles etc. They wanted to modernise the font, but not drastically, while keeping the circular format which has become recognisable for the company. They also wanted a bolder colour and a colour that differentiated them from their competitors.

So I put together a few ideas …


After the team got together and decided which design they liked the best, we developed the logo – looking at colour options and possible layouts …


To then come to a final logo design for ISS Security!


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