How to use your Online Shop

FYI … this is a page I’ll keep updating as I create “How-To’s” for my customers with online shops. So keep coming back if you need help in using your ecommerce WordPress website. If there’s something that’s not covered here, flick me an email and I’ll get it on here so everyone can benefit.

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How to add a product category image to a page
For example, you have an online homewares shop and you sell a range of decor. Decor is your main product category which you have a dedicated page for, and you have sub product categories (cushions, storage, prints etc) that are displayed with an image on the Decor page. You now want to add lamps as a sub category and you want it added to the Decor page. Here are the steps on how to do that.

How to add a product category to the navigation bar