Using LinkedIn For Business

A client of mine wants to start using LinkedIn for business but doesn’t have the time to commit to it. So he’s asked me to manage it for him. His words: ‘Do you use LinkedIn? How can you help my business on LinkedIn? And how much will it cost?’

So, I’m sure there’s a few more of you out there wanting to get involved with LinkedIn but need some help. As I get my client’s business all ‘LinkedIn’, I’ll share the process and steps so you can achieve the same.

Like all marketing projects, there are a few questions and steps to go through before getting stuck in …

  • Who is your target market? Or are you looking to engage with new markets or businesses?
    Be specific. What do they look like (CEO, Entrepreneur, Office Manager, Real Estate Agent)? What interests them – in regard to work and their personal life? What articles do they read? What do they do in their spare time?
  • Are they on LinkedIn?
    Come up with the name of someone who fits your target market, go to LinkedIn and do a search for their name. What’s the point of engaging in a marketing campaign on this platform if your people don’t use or aren’t active in LinkedIn?
  • What type of information or content would they be interested in knowing about?
    Like Facebook, you want to share content that is relevant to your target market. And it doesn’t always have to be related to your business but it needs to be professional content that is of interest to your network.
  • What do you hope to achieve from using LinkedIn?
    Do you want to build your network? Increase sales? Increase brand awareness? Think about the long term goal of the LinkedIn business page as this will give you a clear path to what content and engagement you should be aiming for.
  • Do you have time in your working week to be active in LinkedIn?
    From what I’ve learnt, LinkedIn is definitely not as ‘needy’ as other social media platforms. If you can contribute to your page, community and/or groups a couple of times a week, perfect!

Now you need a marketing plan. It doesn’t need to be pages long but you want to have an idea on what content to share and when. Here’s an easy way to get one going …

  • Get a 12 month calendar.
  • Add key dates such as holidays, celebrations, expos etc that are relevant to your business. As an example, a gardener/landscaper would add the seasons, as they hugely influence his business, as well as dates like Labour Weekend, for when people start getting out into their gardens again after Winter.
  • Add networking events or other business related functions that fall into the marketing category.
  • Add any other marketing opportunities you’re thinking about. For example, magazine advertorials or podcasts.
  • Then plan your media themes and content. Going back to the gardener/landscaper example, a week before Labour Weekend he plans to write an article titled ‘5 Quick & Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Garden This Weekend’.

Note: For LinkedIn, I would aim to add content twice a week but only commit to what is realistic for you. You are better to be consistent and contribute once a week if that’s more achievable.

So, you have a goal, a defined target market and a plan … now let’s get started. Here’s where you go to create your LinkedIn business page. Follow the steps in this link to get the page setup. Then come back here and read the following articles by Social Media Examiner:

These articles offer great advice on how to get the most out of your newly created LinkedIn business page. If you need advice or ideas for content, feel free to email me – I’m happy to help where I can!

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